Assignment on risk assessment and maintenance handover

LAP Pages 21-23

Here we take you through the steps to answer each section on this worksheet.

Task 1. Very simple, circle at least 4 hazards you see and you will attain full marks.

Task 2.  You need to identify the 5 stages of a risk assessment (This website provides the 5 stages)

After each stage, you must identify each hazard, which may be associated with that stage.

Task 3.  For the first part of this task, put a circle around the hazard you see on the image.

For the second part; write what you see. For instance tick yes or no if you see what’s mentioned. If you cannot see what has been said then put N/A in the box. Finally place your initials in each box, to say you’ve checked the equipment.

Task 4. When writing your handover, make sure  to include each bullet point so the instructions are easy for the fitness instructor taking over the shift.

Download Risk Assessment And Maintenance Handover​