Level 2 Award in Studio Cycling

Welcome to the Online Classroom for the Spin Cycling Instructor Course

As part of your journey with Norfolk Health and Fitness, you are about to embark on an engaging and comprehensive learning experience designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge required to excel as a Spin Cycling Instructor.

Course Policy:

  1. Learner Responsibility:

    • Upon enrolment, all learners are expected to download the digital Learner Achievement Portfolio (LAP).
    • It is mandatory to fully complete the LAP, with the exception of the self-evaluation section, which is to be completed after your final practical assessment.
  2. Pre-Assessment Completion:

    • Completion of the LAP is a prerequisite for attending the practical assessment. This ensures that all learners come to the assessment with a thorough understanding of the course content and are prepared for the practical elements.
  3. Self-Evaluation:

    • After completing your practical assessment, you will return to the digital LAP to complete the self-evaluation section. This reflection is crucial for personal development and consolidating your learning experience.

You must complete pages 1-10 of the digital LAP before the practical assessment. This ensures a robust understanding of the theoretical components and prepares you for the practical application.

As part of the assessment, you are required to write up a detailed training plan for your session. Guidance for this task has been provided, along with a hypothetical example, to assist you in meeting the necessary criteria.

By following these guidelines and completing the required sections of the LAP, you will be fully prepared to demonstrate your capabilities as a Spin Cycling Instructor. We look forward to supporting you in this endeavour and witnessing the innovative sessions you will design.


Module Timeline

We have set out the classroom, in the same way each piece of work is set out in your LAP. This way if you are stuck on a certain piece of work, you can refer to it here.