Theory and Practical Assessment Process

How to book a theory exam

Step 1: Email Kevin or Info ( with the date and time you wish to sit the exam. All theory exams are completed online from home. Please give a minimum of 2 working days’ notice before the date you wish to sit the exam.

Step 2: Kevin/info will email a link and log in to the exam prior to the exam date.

Step 3: The exam is a 50 question multiple choice exam. You must get 35 out of 50 questions correct to pass the exam. You get 105 minutes to complete the exam and the timer will begin as soon as you click “start”.

Step 4: You will receive your result via email within 5 working days.

Once it has been confirmed, you’ll have 24 hours to complete the exam.

Once you have finished your exam, give us 2-3 working days to email your result back to you.

Final Summative practical assessment

This final assessment is facilitated once your Learner Achievement Portfolio (LAP) has been completed and signed off. You will need to compile your complete LAP with all marking sheets attached to make a complete portfolio. This will need to be printed, for when your LAP’s are sampled for certification. 

We can then arrange a day and time to facilitate the final assessment at the end of your Level 2 and Level 3 course.