Coaching your client to optimise goal achievement

  1. Session Plans for Alex: Develop plans tailored to Alex’s goal of weight loss and improved fitness. Include a mix of cardiovascular and strength training exercises, considering his sedentary job. Ensure the intensity and duration of exercises are progressive but do not risk overtraining.

  2. Justification of Sessions for Alex: Explain how each session will help Alex in his weight loss and fitness journey. Use evidence-based practices to support your choices, like the benefits of combined cardio and strength training for weight loss.

  3. Information Collection Methods for Alex: Utilise wearable technology to track Alex’s performance, maintain adherence records, and encourage Alex to share feedback and reflections on social media or personal logs. Regular reassessments and soliciting direct client feedback will be key.

  4. Analysis and Evaluation for Alex: Regularly evaluate Alex’s data to gauge his progression. Assess changes in fitness levels, weight, and adherence to the programme, adjusting as necessary.

  5. Communication with Alex: Given Alex’s motivation and commitment, use clear, encouraging communication. Adjust your communication style to ensure he understands all instructions and the reasons behind each exercise or dietary suggestion.

  6. Observation and Monitoring of Alex: Closely monitor Alex’s performance and response to the exercises. Pay attention to his feedback and any signs of discomfort or fatigue.

  7. Responding to Alex’s Feedback: Be responsive to Alex’s feedback. If he finds certain exercises too challenging or not challenging enough, be prepared to make appropriate modifications.

  8. Documentation for Alex: Keep detailed records of all sessions, plans, modifications, and Alex’s responses. This documentation is crucial for evaluating the programme’s effectiveness and making informed adjustments.

By following these steps and using Alex as your case study, you can create a comprehensive and effective training programme tailored to his specific needs and goals.