Creating Your PT Business

Once you’ve completed your course, you’ll need to set up your personal training business. 

Below are are a great set of resources to help you get started.

Building Your First Business

Learn how to structure your business once qualified, how to generate and convert leads as well as basic pricing models.

Basic Business Principles

8 rules to follow when building a business to last.

Defining Your Ideal Client

8 rules to follow when building a business to last.

Writing content

Now we know who to help and how to help them, here we learn how to write emails and social media posts in a way that entices others to interact and buy into the service you’re offering.

Using Canva

Learn how to use one of the best (and free) software to create logos, Facebook covers, ebooks and any other digital content you can think of.

Create Business Facebook Page

Learn how use facebook to:

Create and share content.

Offer and promote your services

Utilise the business insights function to see how your page is performing.

Take and manage bookings.

Facebook Groups

Learn how to create a private community for you and your clients to share premium content and keep everyone motivated and accountable.

Build Online Forms

Forms can be one of the most powerful tools when working with clients.

Find out how to put together a slick and professional form to capture information from leads and clients alike.

Client Welcome Pack

Learn how to build a basic welcome pack, what to include and why it’s important to put together for every client who works with you.

Client Retention

Learn techniques to retain your clients as well as understanding how to track retention rates throughout the year