E-Learning Classroom

Here is access to the Level 2 Certificate In Gym Instructing, Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training, our selection of guest speakers. We also have extra resources to get you started on building your personal training business.

Please note: If you are using Google Chrome, when making a download, right click and save for the download to open.

If you’re doing your work digitally, please print off everything when you have finally done, so we can keep a record. So it can be sampled as one complete portfolio. 

One to One Sessions and Assessments

When coming to have a one-to-one with Ben, if you are driving and use our car park, please put your number plate into the pad. Otherwise, you will most likely end up with a parking ticket.

Workshop Information

Click here for all the information you’ll need for our bi-weekly Saturday workshops.

Exam Information

Click here for the instructions on how to book exams, our processes and procedures


Access the Level 3 classroom

Here you have access to our exercise library, here you’ll be able to see how each exercise is done in our gym

Here you have access to our training approaches video library

Access the level 4 Nutrition classroom


We have included talks from industry leaders and former learners who were once in your position.

Finally, we have included plenty of resources to help you build your own fitness business. 

Here we have a selection of talks from industry professionals, who were once in your position.

Listen to friends and former learners of Norfolk Health and Fitness. These people were once in your shoes, now see how they’ve progressed with their qualifications.

We’ve included a lot of content, which will be useful in helping you create your fitness business.

Policy procedure

Here included are our policy procedures

Access to policy procedures here